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Fur Capelet

I grew up on Golden Age Hollywood movies, so it's no surprise my tastes are heavily influenced by glamourous 1950s and 60s fashion. I tend to become entranced by particular accessories, too. I might get on a glove kick for a few months, or become obsessed with pillbox hats, or spend a few weeks drooling over vintage shoes. 

One Christmas, capelets captured my focus. I found an eBay seller who made lovely faux fur capelets for winter brides. I couldn't stop thinking about those capelets and how perfect they'd be as Christmas gifts for my daughter and nieces. But alas, they were out of my price range. Not one to give up on an idea once it's firmly rooted in my head, I decided to make my own version, using crochet.

I chose bamboo silk yarn for its sheen and lovely softness. I made one each in pale green and yellow for my nieces, using coordinating trims, satin ribbon for a tie, and the same long pile faux fur trim pictured below. Later, I made one in powder blue one for my sister, opting for an Asian-style scrolled button closure rather than the ribbon. I simply used different sized hooks to vary the finished capelet size.

I chose ivory for my daughter, Ariel. 

It's easy to weave in a different ribbon to vary the look. 

The back view in a flash exposure to show how the materials pick up the light: 

 I sewed on the fur and trim by hand using invisible thread. A sewing machine would make the job much quicker, but I didn't have one at the time. 

Worn with her winter dress, I thought Ariel looked quite angelic in her capelet. This picture will always be one of my favourites. Although it was taken when she was four, Ariel still wears the capelet at eight, and it should fit for quite some time. 

To me, the capelet has just the right amount of old-world flair and feels (and looks) just a little bit luxurious. I think it's high time I made one for myself!

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  1. Oh, how i love this capelet. i sure wish there was a tutorial on this one. Hint. Hint.