About Me

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I'm Adrienne Dyer, and I'm delighted you found my blog, based here in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada, where I happily exist with my two kids, Ariel and Graham, our cat Zoe, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Higgins. (Not to mention three giant stick bugs and a handful of snails.)

We are crafty people around here. Sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, baking, painting--we love it all. If I haven't made something with my hands in a day, I just don't feel productive. We are also a little bit addicted to vintage treasures...okay, maybe we're a little obsessed. But around here, creating new ways to use old things is just another outlet for our crafty inclinations! 

As you can see by my photo, I have a flair for the dramatic. While this sometimes plays against me, it generally makes life a whole lot more fun for me and my family! I started this blog to chronicle my glamping adventures with my 1974 11-foot Trav-L-Mate that I call Bing. (Named for my favourite crooner, Bing Crosby, and Bing cherries, which inspire me with their graphic appeal and summery, vintage-y, cheerful connotations. (Cheerful cherries? You bet!)

By trade, I'm a freelance magazine journalist, penning everything from personal finance columns to articles on vintage doll collecting. And yes, all the amazing variety in between! I count myself ridiculously lucky, because I work from home, and home is where my kids are. Between homeschooling my eight-year-old daughter and fielding increasingly complicated questions from my three-year-old son, it's a hustle-bustle life. (Does anyone know how to explain the phases of the moon or the inner workings of combustion vs. steam engines? My son would like to know.)

When I'm not glamping, writing, mothering, educating, crafting or endlessly learning, I'm on the stage, performing solo and choral work with a fabulous, 65 voice Sidney based show choir called The Peninsula Singers. Interested? Find us on Facebook, or visit our website for photos and concert information. See: http://www.peninsulasingers.ca/

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm delighted that you came. 


  1. I love vintage things. Preferably kitchen items, but still most anything vintage! Your life sounds busy and very exciting! If you have time, I would love a visit (and maybe a comment, please?) on my blog. Thank you much and best of luck with everything you do!


  2. Hi Ashleigh, thanks so much for visiting and saying hi! One look at your lovely blog and I wished I could eat gluten again! You bake gorgeous breads. Good luck with your ventures, too!