Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Will You Take Tea With Me?

My children are darlings. Kind, thoughtful, and already adept gift givers, even at the tender ages of three and eight. They know what speaks to my heart. It seems Bing did not have a tea pot, and everyone knows tea tastes better when served in vintage tea cups.

So here's what this lucky mama got for Christmas:

 From Ariel

Royal Albert, Made in England

From Graham

 Consort, Made in England

From both of them

 Globe 6 cup, by London Pottery Co.

Vintage flowers and red with white polka dots? Add 'em up and it equals love to me.


  1. Lucky mama and lucky Bing to have such thoughtful cherubs bearing such beautiful gifts ;)

  2. Sigh! I love fine bone china teacups! ....and the little polka dot tea pot is to die for... lucky you! Cheers~

  3. Definitely, tea tastes better in vintage china cups, especially when you are sitting in Bing :)
    Cheers, Beth.

  4. Thanks everyone! Maybe one day we'll all be able to have tea together! And then we'll crack open the wine. :)