Sunday, 17 February 2013

Bing's First Night At Home

The woman who sold us our trailer last September was kind enough to deliver it to our house and give us a trailer-hitch-to-bumper tour. We peppered her with questions. How do we light the stove? How does the furnace work? What about the fridge? How do we pump know, blackwater? If you're new to glamping and shopping for a little canned ham to call your own, be sure to get the former owner to show you all the inner workings, if you can. Especially if you want to use your glamper right away!

Unfortunately for us, our current vehicle isn't capable of towing a toy wagon, much less a camper, not even one as light as Bing (her GVWR is just over 1950 lbs.). Until we find a sturdier vehicle, Bing won't see any pavement beyond the driveway. That said, we had to test 'er out that first night. While Doug popped out to forage the grocery store for a BBQ chicken, I gathered up some dishes and heated up a pot of soup (I had to play with my new stove!). 

We've never had such fun! 

Bing's pretty tiny at only 11 feet long (not including hitch), but her clever layout suits the four of us plus pooch. And really, Bing's considerably roomier than the little sailboat we're used to, so it's a step up for us, size-wise. The dinette converts into a very cozy double bed (translate: narrow), with two bunks at the front plus the nicely equipped galley. (Do they call kitchens galleys in campers, like in boats?) There's also a nice big closet, and a tiny bathroom too! I'm so glad, because I really hate braving cougars and other wild things to empty my bladder in the night.

The curtains have to go, of course, but even as she is, she's pretty cute, don't you think? 

I never thought it was possible to love a silly little old camper trailer this much. But every time I feel blue, I just look out the window at my driveway and suddenly my shoulders feel a little lighter.

Which is really funny considering how much work she's going to be! 


  1. After looking your photos over, Bing has an interior very like my La Dee Dah. Maybe that's why I think Bing is so cute! I really love the red and white exterior too.

  2. You're right, I noticed that too! Does yours have a little bathroom too?