Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New Bling for Bing

A girl (or guy) can never have too many treasures for her glamper. My glamper came empty; nary a spoon or can opener to start out with. But that's just fine with me, because I get to treasure hunt for dishes, cutlery, linens, towel holders--everything! Wheeee!

Did you design your glamper's interior around a specific theme, or did a single object inspire you--a pretty tablecloth maybe, vintage hankie, or perhaps an old, tin can? I started with a colour: red. Cherries aren't blue, after all. 

I've got plans for a red and white theme, with black and white tiled floors, a bit of old French country and, of course, some cherries. I thought of going all out with a cherry theme, but I hate to limit myself that much, so I'm on the hunt for red things that cost next to nothing but have oodles of charm.

With two kids at home, I don't have much time to go out and shop. So I've fallen into a bit of a love affair with eBay and Etsy. Many a late hour I've spent in delicious, online shopping fun, poking through other people's old stuff until I find something that makes my heart flip. For some reason, the process of bidding and then having to wait for my items to arrive in the mail just adds to all the delicious fun. 

Here are the heart-flipping red things I've found so far: 

A handmade toaster cover, circa the 1950s. Don't the ruffles just pop? (Get it? Ba-Dum-Bum-Ching!)

Vintage French torchons and some ancient crocheted doilies. (Torchons. Don't you just love that word?)

A classic red-checked tablecloth and banged up cutlery holder I plan to repaint with a little help from clever Annie Sloan and her chalk paints.

You see why I had to buy these monogrammed torchons, don't you?  Clearly, they were made just for me!

Dinner rolls taste extra yummy served in this darling handmade holder!

I love this colour palette. Dog and chevron-patterned fabric swatches are both from Tonic Living. Sophisticated, yet they make my kids grin!

 Gosh, I love eyelet and lace, don't you? The enamel-coated English tin cost $3.50 in a local thrift store. The bit of red peeking out near the bottom is a vintage valance that will find new life as a curtain for my eight foot long front window. The eyelet, a door-curtain maybe?

What's your favourite glamper treasure? Think about it, leave a comment, and in the meantime, I'll just pop over to eBay and have a quick look...


  1. You found some lovely things. I am very partial to your toaster cover...so cute! I like to go junking at Newport and Lincoln City along the Oregon coast. I can't seem to find much in the Portland area where I live. I guess things are too picked over. I like Etsy too...so many terrific vintage finds. You did good!!

  2. Thanks, Lynne! Have fun junking! I hope we can take a trip along the Oregon coast this summer. Let me know if you find any hot spots!