Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Quick Project: Vinegar Spray Bottle for All-Purpose Cleaning

When it comes to household cleaning agents, I'm pretty much a vinegar and baking soda kinda girl. I like to keep a bottle of vinegar handy for spot-shot cleaning around the house. 

I'm kind of an upcycling nut, too. I'm always fishing stuff out of the recycle bin--cans, jars, bottles, you name it--and jazzing them up with scraps of fabric. (We'll talk about my fabric obsession later.) 

In my stash was this empty Norwex mattress cleaner bottle--the perfect size for all-purpose cleaning jobs in Bing! I decoupaged on a swatch of chevron print canvas, a bit of lace trim, and a freebie apothecary label from Cathe Holden's blog, Just Something I Made ( I painted "Vinegar" onto the blank label with acrylic paint, and sealed everything with two coats of decoupage glue.

Even utilitarian items need a bit of Va-Voom, don't you agree? If a girl's gotta clean house, she may as well do it with flaire!


  1. The nice thing about it is that if it setting out in the kitchen, it looks pretty too!