Saturday, 8 June 2013

Curtain Call

I have several adorable fabrics in my stash that would make perfect window dressings for Bing. I can't decide!

I have, at least, decided on the main curtains around the dinette and kitchen. I've fashioned them from natural cotton, Moda Home days of the week kitchen towels I found on eBay. Their red crocheted trim and cute little Scottie dog and kitten graphics suit my vintage French country vision for Bing, yet appeal to my kids.

To make each panel, I've stitched them together two by two (I need a total of six panels). Like this:

I plan to hem the top edge to the desired length and hang them from cafe rods with clips so I can easily take them down to embroider them--the perfect pastime during rainy days at camp!

But what fabric to choose for the door?

I have a lovely vintage French torchon embroidered with AD--my and Ariel's initials. It's not quite long enough, so I'd have to sew a ruffle or bit of lace on the bottom.

Or, this tea towel printed with images of Cambridge, England, that I brought back as a souvenir many years ago when I spent a summer studying Shakespeare at the university:

There's also this white eyelet fabric with a cherry print that I adore, though it's very sheer:

And this equally adorable cherry print on a cream background that a lovely friend from the Girl Camp Canada Facebook group sent me "just because":

And finally, I have a huge bolt of gorgeous red gingham with an eyelet border that I picked up for $3 in the discard bin at Fabricland. There's actually enough here to do ALL of the curtains in Bing, but I do love those days of the week tea towels.

Do you see my dilemma? To add to my indecision, I also need to pick fabric for the 80 inch long front window. Perhaps that's a good use for the red gingham.

What do you think?


  1. I vote for the Gingham! But for sure I would use those adorable tea towels somewhere in Bing. Too cute!

  2. Hi Adrienne!
    I would start with the gingham and then add in the others as needed. I have 4 different fabrics in mine and it all seems to work. I was a little nervous to do it at first but I only had a little bit of one so all I could make was two curtains from that piece. Curtains make such a difference and add so much to these little spaces. I cannot wait to see how it all comes together for you.
    Happy trails,

  3. Thanks so much for your thoughts, girls! I really do love that gingham. I think I'll use it for the big front window, and the tea towels around the dinette. Which still leaves me uncertain about that thing about curtains is they're relatively easy to change. If things don't look right or I tire of the look, I'll just switch things up. It's all part of the fun, right?

  4. Exactly! I still don't have a curtain on my door. I just can't seem to find something that suits me. Sometimes I just tuck something up there for privacy. Hopefully I will find the perfect fabric this summer.

  5. Also love the tea towels & gingham!! Maybe something lacy for the door?
    I have made several fillet crochet panels for windows (nice take along project!) & have a couple up in my living room - one over the front window (with a sheer panel as well) & one over the electrical box, which is beside the front door!! Just hooked over nails, so it's simple to move aside for access, BUT no one even realizes that box is there!

  6. I LOVE to crochet, too, Dia. You know what else I love on glamper doors? Vintage table runners. They're the perfect size for a door curtain! Great idea covering your panel box with a crochet panel!