Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Spit 'n Polish: Before and After

I always love the spit 'n polish stage of any renovation project. It means the hard stuff's done and the fun part--the decorating--is about to begin. 

Before: The stove was grimy, greasy, and covered in rusty spots.

After: A little baking soda and steel wool did the trick for the grime and most of the rust spots. I couldn't get in around the dials perfectly, but it looks much better.

Before: The lino had decades of dirt packed into every groove. 

I got down on my hands and knees--Cinderella-style--and scrubbed with all my might. My tools? A Norwex SiriSponge and these: 

This shot shows both dirty and clean tiles:

The lino is totally '70s, but they don't look half bad now that they're clean. I'll probably never get all the discolouration out, but the whole trailer looks brighter and sparkly clean inside.

Some day, I'd love to have a black and white tiled floor. But for now, the old lino looks kinda pretty in its humble, retro way. Besides, the gold tones tie in with cabinet hardware, counter and table tops, and the heater grille.

I still need to do something about the rust around the fridge.

Now that everything else is starting to sparkle, this rust really stands out in an ugly way. But it's nothing that a little Rust-Oleum can't fix.


  1. I've found good old SOS pads work wonders on rust. Took rust off hubcaps that had been sitting in dirt for 25+ years.

  2. Bing is looking spiffed up and ready for some glamp style!
    My hubby bought a rust removal product from the auto parts store and it did a good job of removing rust from some things on my trailer. You put it on and let it set for awhile. Are you getting ready for a little trip yet? I can hardly wait to have you take her out and enjoy her with the family!

  3. Thanks Liz and Lynne! I'll try those. We're getting so anxious to hitch 'er up and just go someplace already! Doug's holidays start early July so very soon...