Monday, 3 June 2013

Lady in White

I am almost finished painting Bing's interior! I'll add the final coat of white paint to the cupboard door faces tomorrow, and then I can re-install them, remove the masking tape and newspaper, and start decorating!

Here are a few photos to give a sense of what Bing looks like, all sparkly white. I used Cloverdale Paint's Interior/Exterior Melamine Alkyd Enamel Paint, which is what the experts at the store recommended for Bing's brown, 1970s panelling. It is self-priming paint, but I needed three good coats for a good finish. The paint has a nice satin gloss, and is supposed to be extremely durable. 

I debated long and hard about the exact shade of off-white, but in the end, opted for base white. I prefer red and pure white over red and cream, but I hope the result isn't too blinding! I also wanted the walls to contrast with my off-white curtains.

Here's the before and after: 


She looks completely different inside! A fresh coat of paint makes everything so clean. I painted the closet interior and the insides of all the drawers, but I will paint the inside surfaces of the upper cupboards over the winter so they have a good chance to air out before the next camping season. I really just want to get Bing on the road!

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  1. The fresh paint DOES make such a difference!!
    So bright & cheery now - how fun!