Sunday, 9 June 2013

To Do List

The painting is done, we've installed the new tow hitch receiver and ball, and our mechanic wired the trailer brake controller and electrical receiver in our Ford Escape last week. We still have a lots to do before she's "finished," but aside from the safety check, we don't need to accomplish everything on our to do list before we take Bing on the road at last.

I don't plan to polish off all the decor all at once--I really want to savour the experience! (And let's face it, I don't wanna spend all summer sewing pillow covers!)

Bing's latest To Do List:

1. Re-install cabinet/drawer hardware and hang cabinet doors
2. Post-painting clean up: remove all tape, newspaper, plastic and put tools away
3. Scrub lino floor, polish aluminum trim/stove, and wipe down grimy ceiling wallpaper
4. Finish sewing curtains
5. Install curtain rods and hang curtains
6. Iron new cushion covers, put them on cushions, and move cushions back out into the trailer
7. Stop and admire. Take lots of photos to share online!
8. Install fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector
9. Fix hole in the bathroom floor where the icky old toilet used to sit
10. Buy portable toilet
11. Install toilet paper holder, towel bar and kitchen towel holder
12. Stock with dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils
14. Stop and admire and take more pictures to share online.
15. Sew pillow cushion covers
16. Make a small doormat and find something to use as a step stool
17. Practice towing!! (Eeep!)
18. Take Bing to RV shop for a safety checkup (tires, propane lines, etc.)
19. Pick our first glamping destination (hmmmm.....)


  1. Hi Adrienne!
    Are you off traveling in Bing yet? you've got a good list going of all the good stuff needing to be done. I hope you've been able to accomplish most of it and are having fun enjoying all your hard work.

  2. We haven't gone anywhere yet, but we are pretty much ready! Just waiting for Doug's holidays, which start next week. Still a few things to do, but really, we could go anytime.
    And yep, I'm loving every minute of Bing-work. :)
    How about you?